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Washer Repair

Most households throughout Kitchener, Oakville and Richmond Hill are able to enjoy the convenience that a washing machine provides. You can take care of large piles of laundry quickly and efficiently without breaking your back or exerting a great deal of effort in the process. Unfortunately, most of us tend to take these amazing machines for granted and just assume they will keep working the way they always have. So whenever one breaks down or isn’t working properly, it can throw the household into disarray and be very inconvenient.

The moment you suspect something is wrong with your washing machine, you may need a professional to identify the problem and recommend the proper repair solution. In that case, you’ll want to contact JT Appliance Repair for washer repair service and maintenance in Oakville. As a leader in appliance installation, maintenance, and repair, we have helped hundreds of customers get their appliances up and running again throughout the Greater Toronto Area. With a reputation that is built on honesty, integrity, and trust, it’s no wonder we’re the repair company of choice in the GTA. Most of the client base consists of referrals and we are recommended throughout the year.

Common Washing Machine Problems

Over the years, normal wear and tear will take its toll on any washing machine, no matter how well-known the brand. With our many years of experience and expertise, we have found that the problems listed below are the most common ones that warrant washer repair in Richmond Hill and are attributed to normal wear and tear. However, many problems are also attributed to overuse, misuse, or a lack of preventative maintenance:

  • agitator isn’t working
  • appliance doesn’t turn on
  • machine vibrates excessively
  • rinse and/or spin cycles don’t work properly
  • soap is not completely rinsed out of clothing and other items
  • spots remain on clothing and other items
  • water isn’t draining properly or is leaking out

If you’ve recently noticed one, two, or more of these warning signs, call JT Appliance Repair immediately. Our technicians have been trained and certified in washer repair and are fully insured and licensed to perform this type of work. The sooner we can identify the problem, the quicker we can have it repaired so that your washing machine is up and running again.

Preventative Maintenance Plans for Washing Machines

The best way to ensure that the above problems do not arise is with a customizable preventative maintenance plan that has been tailored to the needs of your household and the people living in it. These plans can save you money on future repair costs, monthly utility bills, and even replacement costs. For more information regarding our washer repair and maintenance services in Kitchener, contact JT Appliance Repair today. Let us show you how we can have your home running efficiently. Don’t delay it any longer but call us now.