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Microwave Repair

Because microwave ovens have made the task of preparing meals and re-heating our leftovers much simpler and more efficient, this has become an essential appliance in Richmond Hill and Oakville homes. Let’s face it; they make our lives much easier because they enable us to focus our attention elsewhere in the kitchen while they are heating up our foods. Furthermore, once they are completely familiar with using the microwave oven, they are relatively safe for children to use.

Unfortunately, at some point in time, problems with their operation are going to arise due to some type of break down or malfunction. And that’s when you should contact JT Appliance Repair for microwave repair service. Our technicians have been thoroughly trained in the installation, maintenance, and repair of all types of appliances including most major brands and several of the lesser known ones. So don’t be tempted to run right out and purchase a new one when only a simple, inexpensive repair is needed. And we are always here to assist you with the issues. Call us today to know more.

Helpful Tips

Most of the microwave ovens available on the market today are covered by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. But whether or not yours is still under warranty, there are a few things you can do in order to ensure the proper use of your appliance including:

Ensure that your microwave oven is always clean : You can avoid major clean-ups by taking a dry cloth and wiping down the interior of the unit after every use.

Keep the door closed when not in use : Leaving the door to your microwave open lets moisture get into the control panel and eventually leads to inefficient operation.

Never allow food items to be overheated : Life expectancy of your microwave oven.

While these are little things to consider, they could go a long way to ensuring that you have fewer repair costs in the future or do not have to replace the appliance before it’s time to do so.

Common Issues We Can Repair

Whether the microwave oven in your Oakville home is an above-the-range, built-in, countertop, or drawer model, the JT Appliance Repair microwave repair specialists can repair the following issues:

  • food is not getting heated
  • microwave doesn’t work
  • sparking inside the appliance
  • touch controls work intermittently
  • turntable isn’t spinning

While these are relatively easy problems for our repair experts to fix, DIY repair is not recommended because of the possible threat to a person’s health. Calling in the professionals makes more sense. Microwave ovens are not only powered by electricity, they use radiation to heat up and cook your food. For additional information regarding our microwave repair services in Richmond Hill and the neighboring communities, please contact JT Appliance Repair today and speak with one of our company representatives.