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Garbage Disposal Repair

Most homes in Richmond Hill and neighboring areas are equipped with garbage disposals, one of those smaller appliances that pay huge benefits because of their function. But just like any other household appliance, it can break down or malfunction, oftentimes when you least expect it. While there are a few things you can do to correct matters, any major garbage disposal repair issues should be left to the professional technicians at JT Appliance Repair.

Troubleshooting Tips

Garbage disposals come in two varieties – batch feed and continuous feed. The batch feed model requires a slightly longer set-up time (the lid must be engaged so disposal is covered). However, this type is ideal for using when you have children in the home and you want additional safety measures. Conversely, the continuous feed variety operates by turning on a switch to grind up food waste and dispose of it. This model is equipped with a rubber baffle or shield that keeps the food waste within the unit while operating. Oftentimes, it stops working or malfunctions and that is one of the main cause of the problems.

The following are three troubleshooting tips that will save you some time and will help our garbage disposal repair technician identify the problem quickly once they have arrived at your Oakville home:

Appliance doesn’t turn on : This is oftentimes an electrical issue such as ensuring that the appliance is plugged in or pressing the “reset” button. If neither of these works, then there is a more complex problem and your best option is to contact JT Appliance Repair.

Garbage disposal leaks : You may be able to fix this issue without professional help, depending on the source of the leak. By tightening the bolts near the discharge pipe or the sink flange with a wrench, you may be able to fix any leaks in these areas. If the leak persists, it time to call in the professionals.

Unit isn’t draining : Chances are there is a clog in the drain pipe that has been caused by waste materials. You may be able to clear it with a drain cleaner, but just be careful as these chemicals can damage the mechanisms within the appliance. If this doesn’t work and you lack the experience to determine what to do next, call us for assistance.

Unless you’re an extremely confident DIY’er, you should contact JT Appliance Repair for garbage disposal repair services in Kitchener. Leave the more technical problems to those who have the required experience and expertise.

For its size, the garbage disposal is a remarkably powerful small appliance. It disposes of food waste into the sewer system and keeps it from creating greenhouse gases in our landfills as it decomposes. For more information about our installation, maintenance, and repair services in Oakville and other areas throughout the GTA, please contact JT Appliance Repair today.