Ways That A Homemaker Can Misuse A Dryer

Busy homemakers often feel pressed for time. In an effort to be efficient, a homemaker might try to cut corners. One strategy that such an efficiency-minded individual should avoid entails acting in a way that calls for a misuse of the home dryer. And that is when issues happen with your machine, and you need to call in the appliance repair service in Oakville.

Examples of such misuse

• Overloading the dryer: The clothes drying machine should never be more than halfway full.
• Overlooking to examine the pockets: You need to pay special attention ought to be paid to items such as pens, crayons and lip balm. Those can melt in response to the hot temperatures. The melted contents can get onto the drying garments and linens. Meanwhile, do not overlook metal items, such as paper clips.
• Fail to zip up all zippers: That exposes sharp edges, which can catch on the tossed items.
• Put sweaters or lingerie in the same load as rough fabrics, such as the denim on jeans. This encourages formation of piling.
• Failure to dry darker garments at a cooler temperature: That encourages a fading of the darker color.
• Time a cycle so that items are sure to dry thoroughly. This wastes energy. The money spent on that wasted energy could be used to buy a dryer with a new feature. The newer dryers come with a moisture sensor. It notes the amount of moisture on each tossed item, and shuts the appliance down, if no single item retains any moisture.
• Purposely, starting a load, although knowing that you will not be home when cycle ends. That causes many items to get wrinkled. Again, energy gets wasted, if clothes get tossed in dryer a second time, in order to eliminate the wrinkles. Money spent on wasted energy could be used to get dryer with a new feature—one that calls for intermittent tossing over a set period, once any cycle has ended.
• Not investing in a way to lock the dryer’s door, when young children play in close to the area of the laundry. Children can do crazy things to a dryer. Their actions can damage the toyed-with appliance.

Forms of misuse that relate to the control of lint

Failure to invest in a lint brush: This tool gets used to remove the lint that was hard to trap in the dryer’s screen. The brush should be inserted in the space below the lint screen. It helps to supplement the brush’s function by using a vacuum cleaner in that same space. Additionally, failure to have the lint pipe cleaned every 6 to 12 months can lead to issues.

Don’t be willing to use accordion piping in the lint vent. That encourages collection of the materials that pass through that same vent. And it is important that you are not willing to use plastic in the tubing that carries the lint. It is better to use sheet metal.