How Self-Cleaning Your Oven May Shorten Its Life?

Who doesn’t love the self-cleaning feature on their oven? So few of our appliances and conveniences self-maintain, and it can be very tempting to pop on an automatic timer and forget about it. But, what you may not realize is that the self-cleaning feature on your oven may be damaging essential components, and making it much more likely that you’ll have to repair or replace your oven much earlier.

The Myth of Self Cleaning

You may be surprised to hear that the very function that cleans out your oven is one that will damage it. The Self-Cleaning feature truly is genius for manufacturers, as it shortens the life of many of the oven’s components:

● Main Controls: Because the self-cleaning feature on most ovens involves applying extreme heat, one of the risks that comes along with a cycle is damage to the main controls on your oven. Exposed to too much heat for too long, these controls may be damaged and unresponsive after a few cleaning cycles.
● Sensors and Venting Systems: The high heat associated with the self-cleaning cycle may also cause damage to sensors and venting systems. Sensors in our ovens that send information to the temperature display may be damaged by being exposed to extremely high heat for too long a time. With too many self-cleaning cycles, these sensors and venting systems can no longer work together to provide an accurate temperature reading, causing problems with your oven and with your cooking and baking.
● Oven Features: The part of the oven that is heated most during a self-cleaning house many of the most important elements, including the temperature gauge, fan coils, and bake and broil units.

Avoid the Self-Cleaning Feature

Manufacturers all over the world include the self-cleaning feature as both standard and expected. But, these same manufacturers know that this cleaning function could help damage your oven, and shorten its lifespan. Thus, it is best to not try DIY because that might damage it further. Thus, you need to contact the appliance repair expert in Oakville. The demand from consumers, and resulting benefit to these companies is simply too high to be changed. It is cost effective to seek the services of professionals.

Now that you know the damage that a self-cleaning oven can cause, you can avoid using the feature. In honestly, cleaning an oven manually takes quite a bit more patience and “elbow grease” then throwing on a self-clean. But, the investment of time, patience, and scrubbing power will pay off in an appliance that lasts longer, works better, and heats to a more accurate temperature.