How To Reduce The Chance of Household Fires By Maintaining Your Dryer’s Lint Filter

Did you know that your dryer could be a fire hazard just waiting to happen in your home? The accumulation of lint in your dryer’s lint trap and venting system is the cause of fire in over 15,000 households annually. Maintaining your dryer’s lint trap each time you use it is one way to cut down on this hazard potential. And you also get some other useful benefits by strictly maintaining your dryer. (more…)

Quick Facts About Mini Split Heat Lamps

In a time where everything seems to cost more, people are looking for ways to stretch their hard earned dollar in every day life as well as in the items they choose to put in their homes. Many people are looking for energy efficient appliances and features that save money and are also better for the environment, due to the lower amount of energy consumed. (more…)

How To Clean Refrigerator Coils

Like many large appliances, the money invested in a refrigerator can be a significant amount. Since you’ve spent so much on the appliance, it makes sense to do what you can to take care of it and avoid expensive repairs. While there are some tasks that most people will remember to do when completing fridge maintenance, many people forget to clean the refrigerator coils regularly. (more…)

Benefits Linked To Installation of Built-In Appliances

Maybe you have always thought that a kitchen has to be a collection of varied types of appliances. Perhaps you assumed that no kitchen could have appliances that managed to blend together seamlessly. If you were then lucky enough to walk into a cooking area that had built-in units, you would find out that your assumption had been wrong. (more…)