How To Keep Your Dishwasher Running Like New

When it comes to home appliances, our dishwashers are some of most frequently used (and most beloved). Dishwashers are put under quite a bit of use during every load, forced to deal with pressure, running water, moving parts, and heavy loads of dishes. Modern dishwashers have been designed to give you years of long lasting and reliable service, but there are things that you must do as a homeowner to be sure your dishwasher lasts for years, and cleans well until its last cycle.

Tips for Dishwasher Use

Some people don’t give much thought to operating their dishwasher, loading it haphazardly with dishes laden with food and debris. The way we make use of our dishwashers directly impacts how well they work, how long they last, and how quickly they must be replaced. Keep these tips in mind as you operate your dishwasher.

● Soap: For some people, the thought is that soap is soap. But for your dishwasher, the kind and quantity of soap that you are using makes all the difference. The soaps that you buy for your dishwasher are specially formulated to prevent too many suds, overwashing and clogged interiors. Using the correct kind of soap actually results in your dishwasher being cleaned as well. Another mistake that homeowners make is to overload their dishwasher with soap, hoping to compensate for extremely dirty dishes with additional cleaning power. Over time, this causes wear and tear, clogging, buildup and a less functional dishwasher.
● Food Waste: You buy dishwashers to prevent having to dishes, but that doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do to help out. You should be sure to avoid putting extrmely dirty dishes, laden with food waste into your dishwasher. Your appliance only has the capability to rinse away so much food waste, and leaving dishes filthy can lead to clogging and breakdown.
● Power Supply: Chances are, you’ve got your dishwasher plugged into the wall without surge protection. Doing this with any of your home appliances is a pretty big risk. In the event of a surge or electrical storm, you risk having to replace your dishwasher’s entire electrical system
● Loading: No one wants to spend too much time doing dishes, and the temptation to overload your dishwasher – even if just to get the dishes off the counter, can be overwhelming. That said, you should never overload your dishwasher or try to push it into doing work that cannot be handled. The jets and rinsing cycle of your dishwasher was designed to handle loads of a suitable size. Running otherwise could lead to unclean dishes, and overall wearout of your machine.

Though it can sometimes be annoying, following these tips for operating your dishwasher can help you ensure that you receive years of reliable use from your investment. And if there are any issues, then you can call in the appliance repair service in Richmond Hill.