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Appliance Installation

Kitchener residents enjoy the many conveniences that their appliances provide, not to mention how these marvelous machines save them a considerable amount of time by performing certain tasks around the home. Unfortunately, there will come a time when replacement becomes necessary. Granted there are many appliance companies and home improvement stores that sell a number of different appliances today, many of whom also include delivery and professional appliance installation services in the sale.

On the other hand, there are some companies who do not provide these services and oftentimes contract them out to a 3rd party. As a leader in the appliance industry, JT Appliance Repair provides affordable, professional installation services to the residents of Oakville and Richmond Hill. For years, we have been the go-to appliance installer in southern Ontario. Hundreds of customers have entrusted the installation of their appliances to our company.

What You Should Know

While it may be tempting to handle your appliance installation tasks and save money in the process, it is not always advisable. Yes, it is more economical and may enable you to start using your new appliance right away. However, it can also lead to more costly repairs if you are not experienced and qualified to do this type of work. Remember, the installation technicians at JT Appliance Repair do this kind of work for a living. They are licensed, insured and bonded which assures our clients that only professionals are dealing with their appliances.

Most importantly, you could be putting your entire household and the people living in it at risk. Here are two reasons why:

DIY appliance installation can be ineffective : Not every installation issue is as easy as it looks because there is more to contend with than simply plugging in the appliance and starting to use it. The lack of experience, expertise, and the proper tools can lead to a poor quality install. In the long run, this could lead to additional re-installation costs, paying for more frequent repair service calls, and possibly shorten the lifespan of your new appliance.

DIY appliance installation is too risky :The lack of inexperience poses a significant risk to the well-being of everyone living in your Richmond Hill home. All appliances require electricity or a combination of electricity and gas (natural or propane) to operate. In some cases such as the dishwasher or washing machine, plumbing is also required. If you’re not experienced in working with these power sources, it could spell DISASTER.

Regardless of the type of appliance that you need to install, JT Appliance Repair has experience working with all major brand names and even some lesser known ones. Why run the risk of damage to your home and personal injury? For more information about professional appliance installation services in Kitchener, we encourage you to call JT Appliance Repair today, and speak with one of our company representatives.